X10 Project Plan

The purpose of this page is to provide a current plan of what is to come for The Java X10 Project.

1.  Modular UI

Description:  I would like to create a modular AWT interface that can automatically construct ApplianceUnitPanel, LightUnitPanel, and MasterUnitPanel classes and add them to a frame based on an ini file. The ini file would specify tuples consisting of the UnitPanel class to construct and the module code (ie A1 or B6) for any devices you wish to include. Also, this would include the ability to incorporate any of your own extensions to the UnitPanel class without modification or recompilation of the UI.

Status: This mini-project has not yet been started.

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2.  X10 MP3UnitPanel

Description:  This is a UnitPanel that has the ability to play an M3U playlist. The X10 Dim and Bright commands are used to advance and return to the various tracks, and the X10 On and Off commands are equivalent to play and pause.

Status: This is actually complete and already working on my testbed, but it still needs quite a bit of work for efficiency as well as needing to be cleaned up for re-use purposes. Also I need to clean it up before I publish it.

3.  X10 Logger

Description:  This is an implementation of the x10.UnitListener interface that simply logs date and time followed by the command issued to a log file. This will actually be fairly simple to implement and shouldn't take much time. The reason I personally look forward to this one is not actually for debugging reasons though it will help in that area as well. The use that I have for this, is that by using this in conjunction with X10's hawkeye motion detector, I will have an effective log of when someone enters or exits my home.

Status: This mini-project has not yet been started.

4.  TW523SerialController

Description:  Serial Controller for the TW523 Controller.

Status: This mini-project has not yet been started.

 Last Updated: Tuesday June 10, 2014