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Change Log

This release has been elevated to version 1.3.  This release includes a synchronization enhancement that should help eliminate the CM11ASerialController from getting into a race condition with the actual CM11A hardware module. This release also includes a change that should eliminate the possibility of losing commands due to the CM11A arbitrarily deciding to split commands across multiple messages.


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This package requires the use of the Java Communications package (COMM).  You can obtain a copy of this package from Sun's website:

Download the Java Communications package and follow the instructions for installation.  Make a copy of the comm.jar file from the Java Communications package in the lib directory of this distribution (This is only necessary to get the examples to work without modification).

For linux users, I've put together a Java Comm How-To.


Directory Explanation
/examples/light/ Example of a dimmable light controller.
/examples/appliance/ Example of an On/Off appliance controller.
/examples/master/ Example of a master controller.
/examples/server/ Network X10 server.

Each of the examples come with shell scripts to run them.  These shell scripts assume that the Comm API has already been installed and is on the classpath.  The other assumption made by these scripts is that the Java interpreter (java) is on the executable path.  There are shell scripts for both Linux (these may work on Unix, but haven't been tested) and Windows.

The light, appliance, and master examples all require that the server example is already running. 

Contact Information

The official website of The Java X10 Project is  Bug reports, questions, or comments may be mailed to

Project Plan

To see the current project plan, and to learn about what is to come in this project, see the project plan.

Additional Information

There will be additional packages and functionalities added in future releases. 

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