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Musings are my way of blogging about all things Java, Linux, and OSS.

Watch me as I pull out my soapbox, step up onto it with my bullhorn in hand, and rant and rave about all things Java, Linux, or Open Source Software. What is broken? What could be done better? Why will something never catch on? What I see other developers doing and why they shouldn't be doing it that way!

Add a little tequila... your Java


07/07/2008 - Java Exception Handling Best Practices

In this article, I discuss three common exception handling mistakes, why they are mistakes, and the correct approach and best practice that should be taken in each situation.

06/23/2008 - What's Wrong With Java Collections?

The Java Collections Framework was a wonderful addition to the langauge... but it's fundamentally broken.

06/17/2008 - Why is Parsing XML into Java Beans such a pain?

How SLASH makes parsing XML much easier.

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