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07/07/2008 - Java Exception Handling Best Practices

In this article, I discuss three common exception handling mistakes, why they are mistakes, and the correct approach and best practice that should be taken in each situation.

06/23/2008 - What's Wrong With Java Collections?

The Java Collections Framework was a wonderful addition to the langauge... but it's fundamentally broken.

06/22/2008 - The Java X10 Project is teaming up with OpenRemote

OpenRemote is an open source project to create the ultimate universal remote that can control everything around the house. Visit the OpenRemote website for more information.

06/17/2008 - Why is Parsing XML into Java Beans such a pain?

How SLASH makes parsing XML much easier.

06/17/2008 - The Java X10 Project has moved to its new home!

AgaveBlue is the new home of The Java X10 Project.

06/12/2008 - Version 1.0 of the Simple Lightweight Automatic SAX Handler (SLASH) is now available.

SLASH provides an easy-to-use, lightweight Java class that can be used in conjunction with the SAX2 parsing framework to parse XML into Collections, Beans, and Collections of Beans.

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