Simple Lightweight Automatic SAX Handler (SLASH)

SLASH is a simple, lightweight, automatic, SAX Handler for Java that can be used to parse XML into Beans and/or Collections of Beans. Parsing simple XML into Beans is far too complicated and it requires a lot of repetitive coding (see XML Parsing). SLASH solves this problem. With SLASH, an XML stream can be parsed into a Collection in as little as 1 line of code, and into Beans in as little as 3 lines of code. SLASH accomplishes this with 1 class file, and requires no cumbersome generators, API's, DTD's, nor XML Schemas.

Add a little tequila... your Java

Who Will Benefit from SLASH

SLASH is intended to be used in situations where the XML is primarly used internally within an application, such as configuration and/or lightweight or limited use data storage. Developers who have existing bean objects who need to be able to store/read data from XML and populate those beans easily, will benefit from SLASH. Also, developers who have full control of the XML layout and who typically keep their XML files realatively simple (ie don't use attributes, and build well-structured xml), will benefit from SLASH.


06/12/2008 - Version 1.0 is available for download. Enjoy!

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